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Purchasing Great Southern Marron could not be easier.  We can supply our marron in a range of sizes to suit your occasion ranging from 130 to 500g.  As a general rule, allow two marron per person in the 200-300g range and one per person over that.  A variety of delicious marron recipes can be viewed on our Marron Recipes Page here.
Trade Sales and Enquiries
If you are into seafood sales, distribution or hospitality, our eco-farmed Great Southern Marron will open up opportunities for you.  Stand out from the crowd with our sustainably farmed Western Australian Marron on your menu.  Marron are regarded as the ultimate shellfish and are highly regarded for their delicate flavour and superb eating qualities.  There are many diners out there who are willing to pay a premium for high end products such as local farm fresh marron and there is no reason why your hospitality venue cannot be a part of it.

If you are in the Denmark / Albany region we can deliver to your address or meet you at a pre-arranged location at an arranged time.  Trade and commercial deliveries can be arranged upon ordering.  We deliver all of our marron live in compact foam eskies which include an ice pack to keep them cool to ensure they arrive in peak condition.

Prior To Cooking
We prefer you put your marron to sleep prior to preparing them for your meal.  Simply place them in your freezer or into an ice slurry for  30-60 minutes (depending on their size) prior to cooking.  How easy is that?

Phone Angela on 0457 309 415 for details on ordering, quantities, dispatch and delivery options.