MARRON TAILS IN A THAI GREEN CURRY SAUCE  Preparation time: about 15 minutes
Simply mouth-watering, this recipe will really impress.  You may wish to prepare your own curry paste but believe me, the store bought version is just as perfect.
3 - 4 fresh cooked marron tails (de-veined)
Half a cup of Thai curry paste (mild or hot to your taste).
1 cup of coconut cream
Thai basil and/or coriander to garnish
2 cups of cooked Jasmine rice
Olive oil
Half a chopped tomato
Place the curry paste and tomatoes in a small saucepan or similar and add the coconut cream to dilute.  Dilute further with a small amount of olive oil or similar and taste test to regulate the spiciness (chilli effect).  You may even add a little water if you wish.  Bring to the simmer for a couple of minutes (gently, don’t overcook tomatoes).  Arrange the marron tails on a bed of Jasmine rice on a serving plate and pour over the hot curry sauce as desired.  Garnish with the Thai basil and or coriander with a touch of sea salt and enjoy.  Best served with a cold beer or a chilled white wine.