Marron Tails In a Garlic Or Lemon Butter Sauce
Cooked marron tails (two per person)
Pinch of sea salt
Half a lemon
Olive oil
Fresh cracked black pepper
1 or 2 cloves of garlic (don't bother with the stuff in a jar) fresh is best
A couple of rings of mild onion or shallots, chopped
A green salad garnish of your choice
A cup of cooked rice (optional)
Add the butter and a little olive oil to a pan along with the chopped or minced garlic and pepper (the olive oil stops the butter from burning).
Gently sauté the garlic and shallots until they become clear (do not overcook or burn them).
Add the marron tails to the pan and toss lightly for a minute only to coat and warm the marron.
Plate up on the rice if preferred and dress with your green salad garnish, a squeeze and slice of lemon and sea salt to taste.
Serve with a chilled, crisp white wine or a cold beer.