MARRON IN A HALF SHELL   Preparation time: about 15 minutes
Classic marron dish, plenty of options with green salad garnishes and delicious sauces.
Half marron in the shell
Butter (salted is best)
Green salad garnish
2 cloves of garlic (don't hold back)
A little olive oil  (add to the butter to stop it from burning)
Fresh cracked black pepper
Half a lemon, a couple of lemon slices
A little chopped red or green capsicum to garnish with
The Marron
Cook, de-vein and then split the cooled marron down the middle.  Use a large chef's knife or a pair of kitchen shears (don't cut your finger off in the process).
Using a spoon, remove the contents of the head (do not detach it from the tail shell).  The head shell cavity can be filled with rice or breadcrumbs as desired (just for appearances).
Place the half shell marron flesh side down in a large frypan or on a grill plate (quite hot).  Avoid using a BBQ plate as they are usually a bit grotty and your marron deserves better.  Foil first is OK.
Grill quickly over high heat for about 2 minutes only until you get a nice colouration on the flesh side.
The Sauce
Gently melt the the butter, olive oil, garlic and pepper in a small pan.  Sauté until the garlic just becomes clear (do not overheat or burn as it will become bitter).
Place the marron on the serving plate flesh side up and dress with you butter sauce.
Add a squeeze of lemon, your green salad garnish, chopped capsicum and the cracked pepper.
Serve with a little steamed rice or garlic bread