Great Southern Marron is a vibrant rural community business supplying eco-farmed fresh live marron locally and to the wider hospitality industry in the Great Southern Region. Angela and Joe established their lifelong ambition of owning and operating their own eco orientated marron aqua-farm adjacent to the beautiful Nullaki Peninsular at Youngs Siding in 2015.  Located in a quiet rural setting alongside the nearby Wilson Inlet, they are ideally placed to service the needs of local as well as the many restaurants, hotels and other hospitality venues from Walpole to Albany.  When they were looking to establish a marron farm it was important that it should be eco friendly and environmentally sustainable.  It is also a reality nowadays that aqua-farming is the only way to ensure that our stocks of not only our native marron, but virtually all of the worlds seafood are preserved for future generations. To that end our customers can be assured that our marron live happy, well fed lives in dams supplied with natural rainwater run off and that they are raised on a natural, commercial agri-based food product that is completely additive and chemical free.  If you require any additional information about us please feel free to ring us direct on the number at the to of the menu bar or use the contact form on our homepage here: